Top Australian DJ Dies In Accident

Australian DJ Adam Sky has died in an accident on the Indonesian holiday resort of Bali.
The 42-year-old is said to have been badly hurt trying to help a friend who had suffered multiple injuries.
While rushing to aid her, he smashed through a glass door, causing him to suffer severe cuts and blood loss, Nine News reported.
According to the site the female friend had fallen several metres from their private terrace.
A statement confirming the Singapore-based DJ's death has been posted to his official Facebook page.
Sky - real name Adam Neat - was ranked as the third most popular DJ in Asia last year, according to his website.
Described as a "rising Aussie superstar DJ" by JUICE Magazine Asia, he had three top 10 chart releases and supported well-known artists such as Fat Boy Slim, David Guetta and The Scissor Sisters.

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